1965 Chevrolet II, Nova AM FM Bluetooth® 'Dream Line' Radio

1965 Chevrolet II, Nova AM FM Bluetooth® 'Dream Line' Radio

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  • Fits your dash without any modifications
  • Uses original antenna
  • Chrome plated die cast nose piece, shaft bezels look all original
  • Correct knobs and pushbuttons
  • 10 presets (5 AM, 5 FM)
  • 4 × 45 watts RMS output allows up to 180 watts of audio power
  • AM FM Roll Over dial scale looks original
  • Analog controls look and feel like the original radio
  • All controls easily accessible:
    Volume, Tone, Balance, Fader and Tuning from original-looking controls
  • LED dial lights will never need replacing
  • Digitally tuned AM/FM/Stereo front end provides stable, high quality reception
  • ½" shafts on controls for mounting (same size and thread as original shafts)
  • Small case size (only 2½" depth behind dash!) –
    allows room for AC or ?
  • Memory retention for pushbuttons and user settings more than 40 years 
  • Do not use original speakers
  • Uses original antenna
  • Auxiliary inputs (RCA jacks). Standard (Motorola) antenna jack
  • ½" D shafts on controls for mounting (same size and thread as original shafts)
  • Memory retention (presets and other user settings) more than 40 years with power disconnected
  • 3 RCA jacks for left channel, right channel and sub-woofer line outs
  • 5 mm phone jack for input from iPod, satellite radio or MP3 player
  • Switch selectable for 1,2,3 or 4 speakers
  • Switch selectable for North America or Europe mode
  • Includes a 6 foot 3.5mm male-to-male auxiliary cable with every radio
  • Bluetooth 3.0 EDR compliant
  • Built in microphone for HFP (hands-free profile)
  • HSP, A2DP, AVRCP profiles supported
  • Programmable audio equalizer
  • Place/answer calls or stream your favorite programs while maintaining original appearance! 
  • Not 100% exactly like the original. it's an option that wasn't offered by GM back in the day. BUT, it is exact fit, correct knobs, and pushbuttons -
    and many more options than the original!
  • Car manufacturers often adapted production radios to fit new or low-volume models. For example, in 1964 GM slightly modified their full-size passenger car manual-tune radios to fit their trucks. The only difference between the 1964 Impala radio and the 1964-66 Chevrolet Truck radio is the tuning shaft bushing and the knobs.
  • We don't make a manual-tune radio, but we do make a 1964 AM/FM top-of-the-line radio. By modifying the shafts and replacing the knobs, we can supply a radio that fits perfectly and looks authentic, even though GM never offered this option. Our DREAM LINE Radios are made from the top-of-the-line models for that year.
  • More about   3.0+EDR wireless voice/audio
  • To see the owners and installation manual click here

              With auxiliary input for iPhone / Smart phone HANDS FREE! or satellite radio  XM/Sirius, mp3 player, any old portable CD or cassette player!
              It comes with one of these. You know where this goes!


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