Q: Will this plug into my existing harness?

A: No, you will be able to leave your existing harness alone and untouched. Our radio's come equipped with its own pigtail harness that plugs into the back of the radio. It is always best to provide new separate wiring for the new radio. This allows you to leave the stock wiring alone and untouched in case somebody wants to return the car back to original stock condition, in your case, you are avoiding the unknown condition of the original harness.


Q: Is there a Power Antenna lead??

A: Yes! there is a power antenna wire, so that you can automate your power antenna.


Q: Do I need to connect the memory wire?

A: This is a common mistake that is made all the time, yes you do need to connect the memory wire, and it should be connected first. The Orange Memory back up wire needs to be hooked up to a constant voltage, or directly to the battery, just make sure that you put a fuse on any wire that you add coming from the battery, as close to the battery as possible, the fuse is only there to protect the wire. Make sure that this connection is solid and as direct as possible through a fuse that is connected at the battery. The red wire gets connected to the ignition or accessory side of the ignition switch so that there is power on only when the key is turn to the on position, this can be connected to the original power connection for the OEM radio. This is explained on page 2, and shown on page 4 of the manual.


Q: Do I have to match the power rating of the speakers to the amplifier?

A: The power output is 60 X 4 RMS peak, and you will have no trouble with your radio and speaker combination. Actually, matching the power rating to the speakers is really not that critical at all, without going into too much theory about it, and unless you operate the radio at (or beyond) top volume levels for extended amounts of time, a speaker’s worst enemy is distortion, a small amp will blow speakers easier than a large amp, there is nothing worse than under powering a set of speakers. Distortion happens if you are trying to get more out of the amplifier than it was designed to produce, it then creates the raspy, broken, nasty sound when turned up too loud, these complex unnatural signals complicate the speakers’ job of producing smooth sound. It’s almost the same, trying to start a car with a week battery, it can, and will destroy the starter, rather than the battery, starters are designed to operate at higher voltage and current (power level), but if you stall the starter and continue to push it, you will overheat one or some or all the windings.

The best and only advise I give to people looking for speakers, is, to shop with your ears and not your wallet, the cheap speakers generally are, just cheap, and sound like it, on the other end, you really can pay too much,.. be prepared to be surprised about which one sounds best.


Q: Can I hook up multiple or extra speakers

A: No, there are 4 speaker outputs that are to be connected directly to 4 separate speakers, the speakers should be modern 4 Ohm with 2 connections for + and - for each of the speaker wires dedicated to each speaker, the speaker outputs cannot be connected to each other or ground, or else damage to the amplifier will occur.


Q: Can I use the original OEM style speakers with this radio.

A: The original style speakers are not able to take the power from today’s modern amplifiers, and most use ground for the negative connection. Connecting any speaker outputs to ground or each other will definitely cause damage to the amplifier. 

Q: Do I need any special cables for iPod hook up?

A: The radio comes with an adapter cable so that you can plug it in to your IPod's headphone jack.

Q: What are the dimensions of this radio?


Q: Do you have a Warranty? 

A: Yes, we have a 1-year parts and labor Warranty on parts and procedure. If it's a part that we supplied, it is under warranty.

No Warranty on original parts that we had to reuse.


For all other questions please contact us at 888 514 3811 or 262 885 1581. Or email us @ vintageradio2000@yahoo.com