Shipping Form

Please print the form, fill in your information, and include in the shipping box with your radio. 
















Tell us about your radio and the car it is to be installed into.








The basic AM FM 12 Volt conversion with Auxiliary input STARTS AT  $399.00.    And of course, Wonderbar & Town and Country radios are considerably more. Older radios have special needs because that stuff does not repair and modify itself to work automatically with the conversion!  As of 01/08/2022, the current backlog is about 16 weeks for most standard domestic OEM car radios. Rush service is not available.

Call before sending Tape players!!    

Is your car 6 or 12 Volts?     

12 Volt Negative Ground_____  

12 Volt Positive Ground____  ADD $100.00

6 Volt Negative Ground____  

6 Volt Positive Ground _____   6 Volt systems ADD $100.00 

Any more than 4 speakers will require preamp outputs.  12 Volt systems only.


Do you want Preamp outputs, to connect to separate power amplifiers or subwoofers?  
YES____ (add $75)    NO____    

Do you want USB installed?    
YES____(add $135)      NO____    

Do you want Bluetooth installed?   
YES ____(add $175)      NO____      

Do you want Bluetooth and USB installed?
YES____(add $259)      NO____    

Do you want DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting HD Radio capability?
YES____(add $150)      NO____


Please let us know if you have a preferred location for your Aux input, we don't know how your radio fits in the dash, so we need to know if there are obstacles that would prevent or restrict the installation of a couple of RCA jacks.  Preamp out puts add 5 more RCA jacks! And if you have interference issues involving where we might put those jacks, then please tell us where on the radio that they cannot be installed. We do not install CD Players, cassette players, USB plug, or auxiliary jacks into the face of your radio. Why would you want that?

Please send us a nice radio that you would like to have back in your dash.

We do not offer restoration/reconstruction services, re-chroming & etc.

If you need to get a better radio core, shop for one on E-Bay. Most of the time it is a whole lot cheaper than trying to salvage a junk radio. You will be happier and we will be many times happier!

DO NOT SEND THE KNOBS. We don’t need them to do the conversion. When we are done, the knobs will fit just like they did before. Please review the Shipping Information page before sending your radio to us. 

Conversion prices will be charged according to the configuration of your radio, All Conversions start at $399.00.  We accept Visa and Mastercard no payment necessary until your converted radio is ready, and we can take credit card payment by telephone at that time, Money Order or personal check, we also accept PayPal too!

Type Special Instructions below and on back of page.