6 Volt

For those of you who are stubborn about needing to stay 6 Volt!  No problem, you just need one more part to be able to adapt to any of our modern 12 Volt radio's.  Whether you have Positive ground or Negative ground we have you covered.

Power Inverters
& Voltage Boosters


Notes!!! : Our Power Inverters and Voltage Boosters are not available anymore for individual purchase because people did not read the following disclaimer.  These power boosters / invertors are NOT intended to run motors, solenoids, ignition coils, door locks, lights, fans, trailer brakes, power amplifiers, power antennas, power seats, wipers OLD TUBE TYPE RADIOS or other inductive loads and WILL NOT CHARGE 12 volt batteries!   6 volt Negative OR Positive ground Booster / Invertors being used with MODERN SOLID STATE 12 volt car stereos (head unit only) should not drive more than two speakers.  If you need more performance than this, then your only other option is to hide a separate 12 volt battery to be charged with a hidden alternator.  If you can't hide an altenator,.. then you can recharge it when you get home, some people find that a garden tractor battery gives them enough performance and or time,...depending on your needs, you can always go larger, how loud do you need it, how far are you driving?! 


Operate modern 12 volt negative ground accessories from positive ground 6, 8, or 12 volt electrical systems! Our Power Inverters are very small (1¾"×1¾"×1¾"), lightweight (only about 9 oz), quiet, and extremely efficient. They use a common ground, so isolation is not necessary. Current draw is negligible when no load is applied (quiescent current is about 10 milliamps), so they are ideal for memory maintenance or alarm systems that must be left on for long periods of time without discharging the vehicle battery. Overload and Reverse Polarity protected for long reliable life.

Possible uses include: Radar Detectors, CB radios, Mobile Phones, Modern Stereo Radios, Alarm Systems (Control only), CD and Cassette Players.


For 6 or 8 Volt negative ground systems, provides 13.8 volt negative ground output from a 4 to 10 volt input. Small size (1¾" X 1¾" X 1¾"), lightweight (only about 9 oz), quiet, and extremely efficient. 

The Grounding Chart

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